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Franco is a production company focused on the development and production of audiovisual projects (Cinema & TV). With a broad experience in different areas of production and promotion of cultural and educational projects, among them: short and feature films, exhibitions and film festivals, theater, dance, opera and other events, its main goal is to bring culture to different audiences.


Franco Filmes is the brand used to launch audiovisual projects. Its portfolio contains feature and short films as well as documentaries for cinema and TV. As producer or co-producer in national and international productions, the company is open to receiving projects from new filmmakers


Franco Cultural is the brand responsible for conceiving, producing and carrying out cultural, educational and professional training projects. In its portfolio is the Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival - Curta Cinema, the main one of its kind in the country, among other projects


The Franco Produções brand focuses on the production of cultural projects in the most diverse areas. The company has experience in the production of theater and dance performances, opera productions, organization of national and international tours, exhibitions and formatting cultural projects with other companies or creators.

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